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About DealerIT

Our History

With the many vendors entering the automotive industry and the necessity for multiple systems to work together cohesively, an automotive dealer’s need for a dependable managed services provider is growing. Dealers need a partner they can trust to oversee those vendors and act as an extension of their business, seeking out cost savings wherever possible. Being that partner has driven DealerIT from the very beginning.

Founders Travis and Lisa Ingram have extensive automotive retail backgrounds and are keenly aware of the amount of technology dealers rely on. They have built a company that understands all systems in the dealership are interdependent and that any one piece of technology failing can cause additional system breakdowns that ultimately lead to a poor customer experience.

DealerIT is designed to directly address the lack of technology management and challenges dealers face. If you must explain what a DMS is to your current managed services provider, are you confident they will be able to handle the unique technology needs of your dealership?

DealerIT provides clarity and simplicity in an ever-evolving facet of your business. We serve as a single point of contact for all your dealership’s technology needs creating efficiencies from both a cost and time perspective. If you have a technology issue, call us. If our team of automotive technology experts can’t solve it in one call, we will contact the vendor on your behalf and work with them for you so you can keep your attention and energy on your core business.

DealerIT also addresses and mitigates the risk of cyberattack. We believe dealerships should be as secure as banks because the nature of the retail automotive business requires the same valuable, private information to be stored in your facility including social security numbers, credit scores and banking information. Through our subsidiary, DarkLight Security, we provide the tools, education and training to ensure your business is protected.

Our team is laser-focused on providing a customer experience unlike any other. That is the basis of the partnership we establish with our clients. We know automotive, we know IT, and we will always provide full-scale technology solutions with a local feel, because relationships drive success in the automotive industry.

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