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Helpdesk Support

The only thing more frustrating than a technology issue is waiting on hold to get assistance. Our call center is fully staffed with IT professionals who are not just technology experts, but also experts in how dealerships operate. We know a broken workstation can directly equate to a lost sale. We don’t want that to happen. Personalized support that actually cares about your business is a hallmark of DealerIT. That’s why you can trust us to provide all the service of a local IT company while still enjoying all the benefits and resources of a national managed services provider.

Software & Desktop Support

Dealerships need more than support; they need customer service. Not only are our experts standing by to quickly resolve your technology issues, we provide a local point of contact who will be an integral part of your business. This individual will visit regularly, continually assess your dealership’s technology needs, ensure all preventive maintenance is being addressed and provide training when necessary. We want you to be comfortable with your technology and know the value of having a local contact on your team.

Network Security & VPN Access

Today’s dealership is more connected than ever. This applies from both a customer to dealer relationship perspective, and to the necessity of your team to be able to work from anywhere. All of this connectivity leads to unique and ever-changing security challenges. Sometimes unnecessary security precautions create difficulty for your team to simply do its job. DealerIT will prescribe a customized, proven security plan for you that equally values safety and productivity. We will be your partner to ensure you are doing all you can to protect your data and your business.

DMS Support

A comprehensive, properly functioning DMS is a vital part of your dealership operations. We often find the complexities of this operational backbone to be detrimental in obtaining maximum value and efficiency. Our team is trained on the details of the DMS and our partnerships with choice DMS providers including Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP/CDK, DealerTrack and others ensures we are able to work with you and your team to ensure this system is operating at peak efficiency and your customers are receiving a seamless experience as they move through the various functional areas of the dealership.

CRM Administration

An organized CRM is a driving factor of business growth. With the number of leads and prospects a dealership is managing at a given time, proper data management is imperative. Without it, opportunity is slipping through the cracks. Our dealership-experienced team has a toolbox full of best practices we can implement to make sure you don’t miss a potential sale. Our partnerships with providers like Elead, Reynolds Contract Management, Autoloop, DealerSocket and others also enables us to effectively evaluate your CRM and make sure your chosen CRM is the best solution for your dealership and your bottom line.

Vendor Management

We know the number of vendors you work with day in and day out is staggering. Leverage our extensive partnerships and experience to manage these relationships for you. DealerIT will work with your vendors on your behalf and handle everything from day-to-day to the most complex issues. Whether your concern is your website, inventory feeds, printers or any other technology related third-party product, trust DealerIT to be your single point of contact and take back your time so you can devote it to your core business of selling and servicing automobiles.

Data & Network Infrastructure

Technology is advancing so rapidly it is difficult for anyone not firmly entrenched in the IT world to know for sure what needs to be done to stay ahead. DealerIT ensures a reliable data management and communications infrastructure is in place to optimize your systems from both a functionality and performance standpoint. We will inventory and continually evaluate all servers, routers, firewalls and switches to ensure this crucial backbone of your business has your dealership reliably prepared for long-term success.

Vendor Contract Negotiations

DealerIT is more than a managed services provider. We are your business partner. We measure and define our success by your success. As such, we deliver service as focused on technology as we are your bottom line. Our extensive reach, experience and partnerships in the industry enable us to evaluate the contracts you have with existing vendors and ensure you are receiving the best price. If not, we will go to work to reduce this spend for you where possible. Generating measurable savings is one of our favorite services we provide.

Technology Consultation

Our consultative services don’t end once the contract is signed. We are always here to help you wade through the literally hundreds of products we know you are constantly being pitched. We will gladly utilize our experience to perform a cost/benefit analysis and help you get through the sales pitch to determine if the product is right for you. Have a problem to solve? Let DealerIT evaluate the potential solutions, weigh the benefits and provide options that will work with your existing technology to provide a seamless, cost-effective solution that achieves your desired result.

Phone Solutions

Solid, reliable communications are vital to the success of an automotive dealership. DealerIT offers a communications platform, Continuity by 3CX, that is always ready for business. Cloud-based and feature-rich, Continuity by 3CX solves virtually every problem dealers face with their existing phone systems. Your team can carry their extension to any desktop phone in the dealership, move their extension to their mobile device when they are out and even be located through the mobile application. It’s ideal for a BDC too. Let us show you what today’s phone system looks like.

Network & Cybersecurity

We keep your automotive dealership ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape so your data and your business are safe.

Continuity Phone System

Spending too much on your current phone platform? Continuity by 3CX does everything your current system does and more.

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