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Network & Cybersecurity


Viruses and malware haven’t been in the news much lately but complacency is not an option, they are very common. Cybercriminals are as committed to nabbing your data and interfering with your day-to-day operations as ever. The tools designed to prevent these sorts of attacks are only successful if they are well maintained and kept as current as possible. DealerIT removes this worry for you by staying in the know on the latest developments in this area and ensuring every protective update is performed in a timely manner to protect your workstations, your data and your business.

Endpoint Detection & Response

As antivirus and antimalware tools become more sophisticated, cybercriminals are evolving their techniques to avoid detection. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the next evolution in defending against cyberattacks. EDR collects copious data on system and user behavior and uses sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to report on unusual behaviors and sound the alarm on potential problems. DealerIT’s security experts then utilize the collected data to analyze the suspicious behavior and act accordingly to eliminate the threat before it becomes an issue.

Spam Protection

More than 90% of today’s security attacks are initiated through email* by phishing, spear-phishing or other means. Effective spam protection insulates your dealership from the cost and disruption of a targeted email attack. DealerIT deploys the most comprehensive tools available to detect and defend against emails containing malicious links, weaponized attachments and social engineering links designed to trick users into sharing passwords or providing other unauthorized access to your network. Additionally, DealerIT goes beyond software to train your team on recognizing suspicious communication and acting accordingly.

Security Info & Event Management

Utilizing sophisticated tools originally developed to ensure data security compliance with laws like HIPPA in the healthcare industry, SIEM software collects data across the entire network (not just individual workstations) and evaluates suspicious behaviors based on threat potential. SIEM technology is now recommended for businesses of all sizes to ensure every possible step is being taken to prevent attack, however, the space and computing power required to implement it makes it unfeasible for small businesses. DealerIT’s vast resources make it possible for your dealership to enjoy the peace of mind associated with enterprise level security without losing the local IT team feel.

Service Desk

Our call center is fully staffed with IT professionals who are not just technology experts, but also experts in how dealerships operate.

Continuity Phone System

Spending too much on your current phone platform? Continuity by 3CX does everything your current system does and more.

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