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Continuity Phone System

Continuity powered by 3CX

More Features, Less Cost

You are probably spending too much on your current phone platform. Continuity powered by 3CX does everything your current system does-and more-and will probably save you money.

A Voice System That is Always Ready for Business

Always On

No power? No problem. Calls can easily be routed to mobile devices.

Hot Desking

Flexibly move between workstations or mobile phone and desktop phone.

Training Ready

Listen to calls, “whisper” to associates or barge in to close the sale.

BDC Equipped

Easy reporting, real-time stats, and flexible CRM integration.

Available Anywhere

Extensions can be used on the go and staff can be easily located.

Professionally Managed

DealerIT will tailor these features and more to your business needs.

The Best Phone System for Dealerships

We’re here to help dealerships improve productivity and efficiency with our range of IT services.

You focus on selling cars, we focus on keeping it simple.

DealerIT’s skilled team of dealership technology experts will handle all aspects of your Continuity phone system from design and installation to continually tailoring the communications platform to the distinct specifications and needs of your business. Powerful remote management ensures we can quickly make the changes you need without disruption to your communications.

Show your BDC some TLC

The Continuity phone system is loaded with features to get maximum functionality from your BDC. Myriad reporting capabilities including a wall board option so everyone is in the know and agent status at-a-glance functionality ensures your team is ready to generate business. Additional features like the ability to listen, whisper or barge in on a call make training a breeze.

Phones as flexible & agile as your team

Your team doesn’t stay in one place, why should their extensions? Your salespeople are always moving and sometimes your receptionist may have to cashier. The Continuity phone system makes extensions portable via app ensuring every call is received, every question is answered and team members can be easily located.

Continuity is more than a name

When your phones stop working, your business does too. The Continuity phone system is always ready. Hosted in the cloud, if you have a power outage or any other interruption, you can still make and receive calls by seamlessly switching all extensions to your teams’ mobile devices. Maintain a flawless customer experience and never miss a sale.

Built for Dealerships

Product Benefits

Prevent Blackouts

Guarantee your phone system is always live even if your dealership loses power.

Locate Staff

Use phone extensions on the go and use the app to quickly locate staff.

Training & Reporting

Equip your BDC with cutting-edge training and reporting technology.

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Network & Cybersecurity

We keep your automotive dealership ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape so your data and your business are safe.

Service Desk

Our call center is fully staffed with IT professionals who are not just technology experts, but also experts in how dealerships operate.

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