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The Windows 10 Migration Poses Unique Challenges for Your Business.

January 14th, 2020

Microsoft has ended support for the very popular Windows 7 operating system. At face value that may sound like you might have a computer here and there that will be difficult to fix if it malfunctions, but the ramifications are far more problematic than that.

To understand, you first need to comprehend what it means when Microsoft says they are ending support.

In a nutshell, the free bug fixes and security patches previously provided by Microsoft will no longer be available. If a bug is encountered, you will continually experience lost productivity without remedy. The more likely, and significantly worse scenario, however, is that a security flaw will be exposed and Microsoft will not provide a remedy for it putting your data and your customers’ data at risk.

And, if you continue to use Windows 7 after January 14, 2020, you are putting your business at great risk by enhancing your vulnerability to cyber-attack.

The last time Microsoft retired an operating system – Windows XP in 2014 – security flaws were exploited by cyber criminals within months. Through this lens, it is possible, and could even be said likely, there is a group or groups out there who are already aware of a security flaw and are simply waiting for the right time to take advantage. This is a risk one cannot afford to take.

A positive of this deadline: Windows 10 is a superior operating system for the current technology climate. It is more efficient, flexible and secure. It is built to thrive in the cloud computing era and greatly diminishes security loopholes by requiring updates within specified timeframes. This puts downward pressure on software and hardware vendors to continuously ensure their offerings are compatible and secure to the latest standards of the operating system.

When it comes to whether or not to migrate to Windows 10, you really don’t have a choice. The risks are too great and there is too much exposure not to. Where you do have a choice is on the implementation strategy and how impactful you want this migration to be on your business.

DealerIT is a nationwide technology provider focused exclusively on the unique needs of automotive retail. We have a validated plan to make this transition as cost-effective and seamless as possible in your dealership. We recognize this task may seem overwhelming and would welcome the opportunity to partner with you to manage this process from start to finish. Concurrently, if you choose, we can perform a free comprehensive IT analysis of your dealership and make recommendations of additional services we can offer.

See how DealerIT can help, please contact us today at 904.518.3379 to speak to one of our dealership experts.

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